Your baby will love it.

Good Night Charly is a lullaby music box and baby monitor device for your smart phone or tablet.

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Play beautifully composed lullabies, sounds your baby loves or songs from your iTunes or Spotify to let your child fall asleep. When the music stops you can restart the sound with your mobile device.

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Baby Monitor

The baby monitor function will let you know immediately when your Baby is having a rough night.

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You are on the road and want to say Good Night to your baby? Just let your partner connect you with the device and sing a song.

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Comfort Control

Good Night Charly is constantly measuring the temperature and humidity levels and tells you for example when you should turn the heating on or close a window. 

The heart of
Good Night Charly

The box is compact in size, with high quality components and a classy design in two contrasting materials. Its features include a built-in microphone, topnotch speakers and a thermometer and hygrometer.

The App

Connect your Good Night Charly device wirelessly to your iPhone and play lullabies, talk to your little treasure and be sure that everything is set for a Good Night.

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You want to support us? Spread the word and we will forever be thankful! 

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Developer API

Use Good Night Charly as a playground for your ideas. This is the place where we gather everything developers need to connect Good Night Charly seamlessly to their app by using our API. Sign up for our developer program and we’ll get back to you as soon as we start.